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In this article we will display the process of requesting the NCT to add a new creditor.

This happens in 2 steps:

Step 1: Add an e-mail address

  • Navigate to the NCT Preferences page: Home > Preferences> NCT Preferences

  • Click on the edit button and ensure that the "New Creditor Email" has a valid email address 

  • Insert the e-mail address of the relevant NCT user:

(The request to add a new creditor will be sent to this email address)

Step 2: Sending the request

  • Navigate to the creditor you would like to request the NCT to add to their database (Home> Admin> Creditors)


  • Add a new Creditor by clicking on this button:

  • Insert all of the relevant data

  • Open the creditor who's information is to be sent to NCT
  • Click on the "Send Creditor Information to NCT

  • An email with the details below will be sent to NCT

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