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Last updated (6.6.2016)

Consumer Mandates

The user hereby confirms that the proper consumer mandate is in place by which the user is authorized to obtain a consumer credit report from Compuscan.

The mandate could either be stored electronically in terms of a voice mandate or must be duly signed in terms of a paper mandate. Both must be readily available and be provided to Intelento within 7 business days when requested.

Failure to comply with the above, will lead to fines and penalties imposed by Compuscan and will be debited to your account.


By accepting these terms and conditions, the user hereby acknowledge that a fee of R7.85 excl. vat will be charged for every Credit Enquiry performed and is attributed to each applicantMandates obtained the Consumer 

By accepting the terms and conditions, the user hereby confirm the following:

  • That it is a requirement for the user and/or the Debt Counselling firm to obtain consent from the Consumer prior to requesting a Consumer Credit Information report from Hirodox (Pty) ltd t/a I-Bureau, a registered NCR Credit Bureau with registration number CB43;
  • That It is further a requirement in in terms of the National Credit Act to (1) verify the identity of the consumer and (2) obtain consent from the Consumer to obtain their Consumer Credit Information prior to requesting the information;
  • That the Consumer must further provide consent if it is required to verity their information at the Department of Home Affairs (HANIS);
  • That the Credit Check information will only be displayed to the Consumer and user only after some personal verifications tests were conducted (in the event that the Consumer cell phone number have not matched the number on the Compuscan database);
  • That the purpose of requesting the Consumer Credit Information was explained to the Consumer and will only be obtained for the relevant prescribed purpose namely “Consumer Enquiry”;
  • That the telephonic consent for the prescribed purpose was obtained prior to requesting the Consumer Credit Information and after the user have verified the Identity of the Consumer;
  • That all consents provided (voice or written mandates in both hard copy or digital format) by the Consumer must be stored by the Debt Counselling practise for a period of 5 years from the date of the request and readily available once required ny I-Bureau and / or Compuscan;
  • That failure to provide I-Bureau / Compuscan with the required mandates may lead to the suspension of services and could also lead to severe penalties and civil cases against the user and Debt Counselling practise if found to be non-compliant;
  • That the Consumer and user furthermore acknowledge that the Consumer Credit Information could only be stored for a maximum period of 72 hours on the applicable system, where-after the information will be deleted from the applicable platform;
  • That by approving the terms and conditions, a transaction fee will be charged at rated negotiated with the Debt Counselling practise owner, payable to I-Bureau for every Credit Enquiry performed.