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To ensure the steps above have been implemented correctly "Joint Application".

How To Fix: Could not generate Credit Report - Applicant has Existing Obligations

We have implemented this safety measure to keep users from doing duplicate Credit Checks.

If a Credit Check was performed on a Main Applicant but not the Spouse, it won't allow you to do it again. To get around this, we need to delete all the Existing Obligations and then perform a combined Credit Check on the Main Applicant and the Spouse.

For us to assist you in deleting the Existing Obligations, please send us an email to 
[email protected] with the following information:

  • Your i-Docs Login email address
  • The Main Applicant's ID number
  • The Spouse's ID number
  • Instructions (confirmation) to delete the Existing Creditors Obligations.

Run a Credit Check Again

You can now run a Credit Check on the Main Applicant as well as the Spouse, by clicking on the "Run Credit Check-Import Obligations" button.

This button can be found on the Main Applicant's view page.

 - This button can be found above the Creditors Obligations (on the Applicant's view)