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  • The following tabs can be found inside of all Imported Case records:

General - Attorney & Correspondents  - Budget & Obligations - Addresses & Court - Attachments


All general information regarding the Imported Case can be found under this heading.

  • Imported Case Statuses - An indication of the current stage of the Legal Process
  • Please note: In order to refine a more specific overview of the current status of the Imported Case we implemented Sub Types:
  1. Status Type, as well as a
  2. Status Sub Type

Examples of Imported Case Statuses Types:

New - Auto generated status
Draft - The Imported Case is being prepared. After selecting Draft you must select a Draft Sub Type.
To serve - Send all documents to Creditors
To appear - Waiting on the Attorney to appear in court, based on what the Attorney heard in court one of the Orders will be selected.

Attorney & Correspondents:

  • An Attorney gets assigned to the Consumers' case.
  • Information regarding the Attorney can be viewed upon opening of the relevant Imported Case Assignments record.
  • You are also able to assign an Attorney to the imported case by clicking on the button.

Budget Obligations:

  • Consists of all the Consumers' Legal Documentation, after the Consumer has paid for an Attorney and in the Legal process.

Address and Court:

  • Quick Court Select - Uses the Consumers' Address to determine and select the closest Court to his/her Address.
  • Click on the  button to confirm the selection of the address.

  • Show (Map's) Legend button: Explains what each icon represents (See below).

  • When you click on the Court icon, a pop-up appears, click on the "Use" button to use the selected Court.

Preferred Address:

  • The Address the Consumer prefers to use (the closest to his/her Home or Work Address).


  • The grayed buttons shows all the types of documents that can be generated.
  • Imported Case Attachments - Documents the Agent uploaded.
  • Imported Case Generated Documents - Documents the system generated.