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Dear valued Debt Counsellor, in a drive to assist your office in managing consumer credit check mandates (audited by Compuscan and the NCR), our office pro-actively embarked on a drive to help you in obtaining these required mandates from consumers. Our office will be in contact to activate this service on your instance. Going forward, your agents will be requested to confirm that a valid mandate is in place and that the consumer provided consent.

In the mean time you can follow this process to capture client credit checks:

From the Dashboard, click on the "Quick Capture Applicant" button.

Fill in the Applicant's Details (ID number, Cell Number etc.). The (*) indicates all the required fields.

Make sure you tick the "Terms and Conditions" box and then click on the "Run Credit Check - Import Obligations" (see below) button.

It will prompt you to either continue with the Credit Check or cancel it.

  • If you select "Yes",the request will be sent to Compuscan and once processed a list of all the Applicant Credit Obligations will be returned.
  • If you select "No"the check will be disregarded.

Once the credit check has been requested by the user a list with your active Credit check requests will then be displayed.

Please note:
- This list will auto refresh to always display the most up to date status.
- The initial status will be “Pending-consent

Once either
1. Consent has been given by the consumer OR
2. The system has confirmed that no consent is needed

The status will be updated to “Data-received” whereafter you are able to click on the “Continue rapid capturebutton

The Quick Capture form will open and populate all of the consumer’s relevant details.

  • You will now be able to import the consumer (as well as the obligations) into iDocs (as consent has been established) by clicking on the  button.