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This document explains the identification document placeholder in both the Magistrate as well as NCT packs.

Identification Verification (Preference setting)

 In order to ensure verification is done through the correct credit bureau, please remember to set your preference settings and choose the correct provider

  • You can do this by clicking on the home icon, then selecting preferences:

  • Thereafter, scroll down and select the correct provider by clicking here:

Consumer Verification

To verify the consumer's identification click on the following buttons located on the consumer:

  • Here you will be able to verify the spouse's identification as well (if applicable).

Once the Verification Provider has returned the verification data, it can be viewed under the 'Identification Verification Records' (located on the consumer):

The ID template placeholders will be automatically generated and stored in the consumer attachments during this process, as displayed below:

Imported Case

This will automatically create an identification document placeholder in the NCT pack.

  • In order to view the identification placeholder in the NCT pack, simply navigate to consumer> imported case> imported case attachments:

You will see the newest consumer/ spouse ID placeholder here 'Generated ID found':

When a consumer uploads their ID through the consumer attachments, it will automatically replace the placeholder(s)

  • The NCT as well as Magistrate pack 'tick marks' will be ticked as the real ID documents will now be included in the packs.

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